Read Swansea University's commitments:

“We will create a supportive and enriching learning environment for all our students.”

“We will support our students to achieve the highest personal, academic, and employment outcomes.”

“We will increase the participation of students from under-represented groups and communities, and provide the quality of support needed to enable their success.”

“We will provide a safe, 包容, and supportive environment that upholds our commitment to improving diversity and enables people to fulfil their potential.”

Read about how we support our students

Students chatting around a low table with a staff member


  • Swansea Academy of Inclusivity and Learner Success () works to provide 包容 academic and pastoral support for our diverse student population.
  • Swansea Academy of Learning and Teaching () develops staff in 包容 teaching, learning and assessment.
  • Our specialist services include support for disability, 幸福, 福利, 信仰, 钱, accommodation and academic study.
  • Our 图书馆 and Information Services produce accessible guides and offers flexible access to resources.

Find out what we do to widen access to university

Students sitting in the atrium of the School of 管理, Bay Campus


  • 看看澳彩网APP下载的 Schools and 大学 Outreach for pupils and schools and further education colleges. 
  • We are the lead partner of the South West Reaching Wider Partnership which offers learning and aspiration raising activities.  
  • 看到澳彩网APP下载的 part-time BA 人文学科 programme in the School of Education. 
  • Explore our foundation year courses in: Science, Applied Medical Sciences, 工程, Accounting and Finance, 管理, 和艺术 & 人文学科. 
  • Find out about our foundation degrees in 工程, Advance Materials, Manufacturing and Information and Digital Technologies.